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Introduction : Contraception is part of reproductive health services for the regulation of pregnancy, and is the right of every individual as a sexual being. There are two methods of contraception that are Non-MKJP (Non Long Term Contraception Method and MKJP (Long Term Contraception Method) one of them is IUD Contraception IUD is a contraceptive device installed in uterus which is relatively more effective than other contraception. knowing the relationship of husband support with IUD contra ception election at Pria Age Subur (PUS) in Jatirejo Village Nganjuk regency.

Methods: This research use correlation research method with cross sectional, conducted on February 21, 2018. Population in this research is All acceptor of new KB in January-August as many as 38 people. Sampling used total sampling. Independent variable of research is husband support, while research dependent variable is IUD contraception choice. Data collection with questionnaires. Data analysis with Coefficient Contingency test with α = 0,05. Results: The result of the research shows that most of respondents (55,3%) have good support from husband while most of them are 21 respondents (55,3%) respondents in IUD contraception choice have good husband support. Coefficient Contingency test results show ρ value = 0,000 ≤ α = 0,05 and so Ho is rejected and Ha accepted.

Conclusions: There is a relationship of husband support with the selection of iUD cotration on the couples of childbearing age (pus) in Jatirejo village Nganjuk regency so it is necessary counseling on husband about the importance of husband support in choosing the most appropriate contraception.

Keywords: Husband Support, Constitueption Selection, IUD Contraception, EFA