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Background.Chronic renal failure patients who undergone hemodialysis treatment tend to experience anxiety. Reminiscence therapy by utilize patient’s very own past memorable and fun event can reduce the anxiety levels. This study aims to determine the effect of reminiscence therapy to decrease the level of anxiety.

Method. This research utilized pre Experimental One Group Pre-Post Test Design method, conducted on 18 February throughout 20 March 2018.There were 16 respondents of population, 15 respondents were applied as sample by purposive sampling technique. Reminiscence therapy was utilized as independent variable, anxiety levels was used as dependent variable. Wilcoxon sign rank test with α = 0,05, was applied in statistical data analysis, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) was applied as instrument in assessment.

Results. From 16 respondents mostly as much as 8 respondents (53,3%) before the reminiscence therapy was administered showed that had moderate anxiety levels, after reminiscence therapy was administered there was decliene in anxiety levels who resolved to mild anxiety levels which is 14 respondents (93%).The statistical test by utilize wilcoxon sign rank test showed ρ value = 0,007, ρ value ≤ α = 0,05, so Ha was accepted, it means there was influence of reminiscence therapy to decrease the anxiety levels of hemodialysis patients at Hemodialysis Wards of RSUD  Nganjuk.

Conclusion. Reminiscence therapy showed efficacy inlowered anxiety. Reminiscence therapy motivated respondents by influence positive coping through willingness and openness to remember and retell the memorable and fun of the past events. So the anxiety experienced by hemodialysis patients would be decreased. Reminiscence therapy could be performed by a nurse, it corresponds with the framework of nursing which is roles of nurses as a counselor.

Keywords : Reminiscence Therapy, Anxiety Rate, Hemodialysis Sufferers