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Introduction: A physical exercise program for heart sufferers aims to optimize body capacity, helping to activate before sickness. The out-patient program was performed after hospital discharge and out patient treatment. This study aims to determine the Effect of Rehabilitative Physical Exercise Out Patient to Respiratory Rate and Heart Rate in Heart Failure patients in Tanjunganom District Health Working Area Nganjuk.

Methods: Pre-experimental research design with One Group Pre-Post Test Design approach, conducted on January 29-February 11, 2018 In Tanjunganom District Health Working Area Nganjuk with population 13 people. The population of this study were All Heart Failure sufferers who were out patient. Sampling technique purposive sampling samples of 10 respondents. Variable Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Rehabilitative Exercise Out Patient. Data collection using exercise supervision module, SPO, observation sheet. Statistical test using Wilcoxon with α=0,05.

Results: Result of research from 10 respondents, before given Physical Exercise Out Patient 4 respondent (40%) have Respiratory Rate 24 x / minute, 5 respondent (50%) have Heart Rate 86 x / minute, after Physical Exercise Out Patient 6 respondent (60% ) has 24 x / minute Respiratory Rate, 7 respondents (70%) have Heart Rate 80 x / min. Wilcoxon Test Result ρ Value Respiratory Rate = 0,010 with α = 0,05, ρ value Heart Rate = 0,005 with α = 0,05 H1 accepted, influence of rehabilitative physical exercise Out Patient to Respiratory Rate and Heart Rate in Heart failure patient in Territory Tanjunganom Health Center Work Nganjuk District.

Conclusion: Exercise Out Patient can improve cardiac output and reduce shortness, mestabilkan cardiac output, so needs to be done heart failure patients regularly and periodically.

Keywords: Rehabilitative Physical Exercise, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate, Heart Failure