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Introduction : Elderly often experience the decline of physiological functions one of them changes in the cardiovascular system so that trigger the occurrence of hypertension. This decine in physiological function leads to a decrease in the ability to perform activity daily living suPch as self-care.The purpose of this research is to know the Family Support Relationship with Activity Daily Living in Elderly with Hypertension Complication in Banjarejo Village, Rejoso District, Nganjuk Regency.

Methode :Research design correlation with cross sectional shortcuts. Implemented on 9 - 12 May 2018 at Posyanduelderly in Banjarejo Village District RejosoNganjuk District with a population of 50 elderly who suffer complications of hypertension. The sampling technique used is total sampling. Total population of 37 and who suffer from hypertension with the number of samples is 37 respondents. Independent variable of family support with questionnaire and dependent variable is daily living activity with Bartel Index. Data analysis using spearmen rank test with significance α = 0,05.

Result :The results showed that 37 respondents were almost half of 15 respondents (40,5%) family support with enough category and almost of 20 respondents (54,1%) experienced daily living activity with the category of mild dependence. Statistical test results obtained p value = 0,000 ≤ α = 0.05 with r = 0.598 so Ha accepted means the level of seedang relationship.

Conclusions : Good support in the care of the elderly by always including the patient in every action done every day so that patients do not feel bored. The better the family support the better the patient in fulfilling Activity Daily Living in the elderly with complications of hypertension.

Keyword : family support, daily living activity, elderly, and hypertension.