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Introduction: Anxiety is a subjective feeling about mental tension which is disturbing as a general reaction from the inability to overcome a problem. This will increase if they are not well informed about the procedures and treatment of children and their impact. Therefore it is necessary to be given spiritual guidance which is a process of giving assistance to someone to know themselves as human beings created by God as perfect beings. This study aims to find out spiritual guidance on the level of maternal anxiety in pre-school child patients in the inpatient room of Bhayangkara Hospital TK. III Nganjuk. Methods: Pre-experimental research design with one-group pre-post test design approach. Population of all mothers whose children enter the inpatient room Bhayangkara Hospital TK. III Nganjuk number of 50 patients. Executed on June 22 - July 6, 2018.. Samples of 25 mothers in pre-school children with Total Sampling. The independent variable were spiritual guidance, with the dependent variable being the mother's anxiety level, collected by questionnaire. Analysis used Wilcoxon test with α = 0,05. Results: The results of this study were obtained from 25 respondents of maternal anxiety level in pre-school children before being given spiritual guidance of most respondents with moderate anxiety that is 13 respondents (52%). Maternal anxiety level in pre-school children after being given spiritual guidance almost entirely with level moderate anxiety, as many as 23 respondents (92%). Wilcoxon test obtained p value 0.002 ≤ α = 0.05  so that Ha accepted. Conclusions: In this case the provision of spiritual guidance is required for the entire family of patients, especially in pre-school children, this is because every parent whose child is hospitalized experiencing anxiety due to illness suffered by his son. Anxiety in the parents will result in children experiencing the impact of hospitalization such as crying, refusing, and others