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Introduction : Pulmonary Tuberculosis is a disease that attacks the lungs, in patients with pulmonary TB is often obtained with symptoms of cough sputum that can lead to shortness of breath. So it is expected in patients with pulmonary TB for symptoms of shortness of breath is recommended orthopnea position. The purpose of this study to determine the effect of Orthopnea Position on the decrease in shorted of lung TB patients in Puspa Indah Room Nganjuk RSUD. Methods : The designed of this study used pre-exsperimental, with one group pre-post test designed approach. This research was conducted on April 2-16, 2018 in Puspa Indah Room Nganjuk RSUD with a population of 15 people. Sampling technique purposive sampling with sample of 10 respondents. Independent variable orthopnea position, dependent variable decrease in shortness. Giving orthopnea position for 3-5 minutes and given once a day. Instruments on independent variables with orthopneal position SOP and dependent variable with observed drop in observation sheet. Data analysis used wilcoxon test with α (0,05). Results : The results obtained from 10 respondents before the orthopnea position is almost all 8 respondents (80%) have weight congestion category. After the orthopnea position, half of the respondents (50%) had moderate shorted. Wilcoxon test result ρ value = 0,025 ≤ α = 0,05 means there is Influence of Orthopnea Position to Degradation of Shorted in Pulmonary TB patient in Puspa Indah Room RSUD Nganjuk. Conclusions : Exercise orthopnea position can reduce dyspnea and improve airway so it is necessary to do orthopnea position in pulmonary tuberculosis patients routinely.