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Introduction Adolescents in future transitions without adequate knowledge about reproductive health and premarital sex. Teenagers are now increasingly difficult to have premarital sex. The purpose of this study is to avoid relationships with adolescents about free sex at SMK 1 Gemarang, Madiun Regency. Method : The research design was a cross sectional study. This research was conducted on January 1 - February 6 2019 at Gemarang 1 Vocational High School, Madiun Regency. The total population is 208 with a total sample of 136 respondents with a simple random sampling technique. The independent variable is knowledge, the dependent variable is attitude. Data collection by questionnaire, data analysis using Spearman rank test with SPSS 18.0 at α = 0.05. Results : The results of136 respondents mostly have authoritative parenting types, 96 respondents (70.6%), almost all respondents have good attitude about HIV / AIDS, namely 121 respondents (89%). Spearman ranks the obtained found that the value of ρ value = 0.010 ≤ α = 0.05, so that H1 is accepted then there is a relationship between Parenting Parents with Adolescent Attitudes about HIV / AIDS in SMK 1 Gemarang Madiun Regency. Conclusion : This data is the initial capital to provide education related to HIV / AIDS. Coordination with related institutions can improve adolescents' insights and attitudes related to HIV / AIDS