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Introduction: Therapeutic communication is communication carried out or designed for therapeutic purposes. This study aims to determine the effect of therapeutic communication on the level of anxiety of patients in the Emergency Room Installation of Bhayangkara Hospital TK. III Nganjuk. Methods: Pre-experimental research design with one-group approach pre-post test design. Population of all families of patients whose families entered the Emergency Room at Bhayangkara Hospital TK. III Nganjuk. Held on February 1 to 20, 2018. Samples of 40 families of patients with Accidental Sampling. The independent variable of therapeutic communication, with the dependent variable being the anxiety level, collected by observasional and questionnaire. Analysis used Wilcoxon test with α = 0,05. Results:The result of the research shows level of family anxiety before therapeutic communication was almost half experienced severe anxiety, namely 14 respondents (35%). The patient's family anxiety level after therapeutic communication mostly experienced mild anxiety, namely 26 respondents (65%).  Wilcoxon test obtained p value 0,000 ≤ α = 0.05 so that Ha accepted. Conclusions: In this case the provision of therapeutic communication to the patient's family about the condition of the family's disease must be given to the maximum extent possible. So that the patient's family will feel calm because they have obtained information about the condition of their family's illness from the medical staff. In addition, this can also reduce the anxiety experienced by the patient's family.